Essential Oils and Why You Need Them

My relationship with all things holistic goes something like this: non-believer to believer to skeptic.

Coming from a science background, modern medicine prevailed all. It wasn’t until I became interested in natural fertility and read a few books on the topic that my outlook changed. I started to eat clean, switched out my body/beauty and household products to more natural friendly products and voilá: I was pregnant with no issues. I planned a homebirth and switched from an M.D. to a D.O. (in short a doctor who uses holistic remedies before going straight to western medicine) but after my homebirth and Post Partum Depression (PPD) experience (a wholeeeee other post) and having to fight to vaccinate; I had a change of heart (still use natural products though).

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Ask IM: How to Survive the New Baby Sleep Deprivation

Ask Instinctual Mothering

I am humbled and honored every time a mom, mom to be, or even the occasional father contacts me for advice or information. It never occurred to me that people would actually value my opinion enough to seek out my perspective, it is a shock every time! But it is truly an honor and a privilege to be able to share my perspective and experience with you all.

I thought it may be helpful to publish the questions I receive on the blog in a series titled “Ask Instinctual Mothering”. Remember, the answers are only my perspective based off of my own experiences and what I have read or researched. I will never claim to know all there is to know about pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding/parenting because I am still learning myself (and have no true accreditation besides a breastfeeding counselor certificate)! However; helping, encouraging, empowering, and sharing information with others is why I’m here typing. It is a true passion and gives me great fulfillment and I hope I can be of service.

I promise to only share real questions from real people and always with their permission (and never their name). If you find yourself pondering something yourself, please feel free to contact me with ANYTHING – even critical feedback! You can contact me through facebook, E-mail at, or through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Okay, enough blabbing. Here is the third “Ask Instinctual Mothering” installment! This was a message I received via Facebook.

The BIG SLEEP Question

Hi Tara,

I just wanted to reach out and see if you had any tips or words of advice that could help me and my daughter get better sleep.  I have a dockatot coming Tuesday and I’m hopeful she will like it.  She has reflux so I know I’m going it have to prop it up a bit.  She was doing well for a good 2 week stretch in her rock and play swaddled… sleeping anywhere from 4-7 hour stretches!  Then last Monday rolled around (the day before her 3 month) and all this crazy fussy no sleep at night happened.  Let me correct myself there, she sleeps but wakes ever 1-2 hours wanting my boob in her mouth.  Even if she’s not really nursing it’s comforting to her it seems.  She’ll fall back asleep within 10 mins but then transitioning her back to the rock n play is hard or it seems she doesn’t get into her deep sleep…(waking after 45mins -1.5hours).

I try to only keep her awake an hour and 15 – 1.5 hours then get her down for a nap before she is overtired and crying.  It’s a struggle tho.  I feel like I have no life.  Any tips or just what works for you would really be appreciated.  Thanks so much and I hope you and your family are doing well!


Sleepless in the Suburbs


Great Expectations


It’s 11:00am. We have been up for four hours. The crockpot meal that should have started cooking two hours ago has half of the ingredients in it and the rest scattered across the counter. There are toys everywhere. Laundry in the dryer from yesterday that needs to be folded. I haven’t eaten yet for the second day in a row. We are all still in pajamas and the baby needs a bath but she won’t let me put her down long enough to get it ready. My toddler is crying to be held which I try to do one handed while the baby nurses in the other. I am crying. My toddler asks “Mommy Happy?” She will ask me later if I feel better. Because she has become so used to seeing me cry these last 7 weeks. I feel guilty for my toddler. I feel scared and overwhelmed. Scared by how I’m feeling. Because I know I don’t feel good. I thought if I just got the house cleaned I would feel better. But now I can’t get a handle on anything. Sometimes I look at the baby and feel angry. Sometimes crazy thoughts pop into my head. I’m afraid to walk through a doorway while holding her because I think I’ll hit her head on the door frame. Then I’ll think do I want to hit her head? Do I want to feed her a bottle of bleach? What?!?! Will I end up one of those mothers on the news? I picked up a knife today and felt scared. I couldn’t even tell you why. Then I get that pukey feeling in my stomach and the panic sets in. This is post partum depression. And it is a bitch.

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A Mother’s Blessing

It didn’t occur to me to post about the Mother’s Blessing I had, but it was such a touching experience I couldn’t help but try to put it into words.

A little background on what a Mother’s Blessing or sometimes called a “Blessingway” is and how I came to have one.

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