About Me

 “I am so glad I became the mother I am today, rather than the mother I intended to be.” -Anonymous

I am a Breastfeeding, Bed-sharing, Babywearing, gentle parent to a rainbow princess and her sweet sidekick. A certified Breastfeeding Counselor, wife to a supportive and caring husband & father, and a science professional by trade turned Stay-At-Home-Mom living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and spent seven years in the vaccines industry. I enjoy a good book, a great meal, and days spent in the sunshine. 

My journey has been tumultuous – I’ve been through it all – Infertility, Recurrent miscarriages, Breastfeeding struggles, Hospital Birth, Home birth, Post Partum Depression- you name it. But through it all, I still thank God everyday for giving me the privilege to have these two miracles under my wing. I feel all of my experiences has given me a greater appreciation for all that comes with motherhood and has given me the insight and passion to help other mothers that find themselves scared and lost like we so often do. I have become fascinated and mesmerized by pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, mother-infant bonding and so much more. I feel the process of creating and sustaining life is the closest thing to a miracle we can experience here on earth. I find so much beauty in it all…I can only describe motherhood as hearing a song that moves you to tears for the first time but never tiring of it.

If I can inspire just one mother to follow her instincts and feel empowered and confident in herself, I will feel like a success. This is a place where I can channel some of my passion and hopefully help others in the process. I hope you enjoy reading! 

xox Tara


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