Book & Doc Club: Recommended Reads & Watches


  • The Milky Way (2014) produced by the Milky Way Foundation
    • My synopsis: If there was a documentary that encompassed all of my opinions, thoughts, and passion- this would be the one. It moved me, enraged me, validated my feelings, broke my heart, and resonated deeply. This documentary spot lights the crisis we have in America as a culture towards mothers and babies and how it desperately needs to change.  I think this is a MUST see for not only mothers, but everyone. I also encourage you to join the cause at
  • The Business of Being Born (2008) produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
    • My synopsis: A powerful documentary showcasing the problems of maternal care in America. This documentary has been attributed to starting the “Natural Birth Movement” of today. Many issues were discussed such as the alarming rising rate of cesarean sections (and if they are necessary) performed in America, the lack of information and options available to women during their pregnancy such as Birthing Centers, Doulas, or Midwives, as well as exploring the financial and litigation aspects of hospitals and how it has been changing the way healthcare has started to treat and view birth.